Why I Created The 1 Minute Blade Modifier

When I first got out of Barber College and got into a barbershop.

I realized my cuts were good but not always leaving my customers with that million dollar feeling.

But, there was a dope barber in the shop who would.

His clients would have the cleanest cuts. Their lines sharp and crispy.

Charging more than me I asked him how he go his trimmers to hit like that. He didn't want to tell me, so I did my homework and found out he was using a modified blade.

I got myself one and never went back to a normal trimmer blade ever again.

Then I saw the success had and wanted other barbers to replicate it. So we sold modified blades.

The demand was out of control and the price was so high for y'all I knew I needed a way to put the barber back in the driver seat

So I created the 1 Minute Blade Modifier a simple tool that will modify 15-20 of all your professional trimmer blades.

I won't go to work without it
- Chuka The Barber

Why I Created The 1 Minute Blade Modifier