Why I Created The 1 Minute Blade Modifier

When I first got out of Barber College and got into a barbershop.

I realized my cuts were good but not always leaving my customers with that million dollar feeling.

But, there was a dope barber in the shop who would.

His clients would have the cleanest cuts. Their lines sharp and crispy.

Charging more than me I asked him how he go his trimmers to hit like that. He didn't want to tell me, so I did my homework and found out he was using a modified blade.

I got myself one and never went back to a normal trimmer blade ever again.

Then I saw the success had and wanted other barbers to replicate it. So we sold modified blades.

The demand was out of control and the price was so high for y'all I knew I needed a way to put the barber back in the driver seat

So I created the 1 Minute Blade Modifier a simple tool that will modify 15-20 of all your professional trimmer blades.

I won't go to work without it
- Chuka The Barber


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This really shows the kind of barber you are it’s great to see people help others grow in the industry and not be selfish by not sharing how to be better he was scared of competition. I’m glad you’re not that type and will show the tips and tricks to make a good barber BETTER! You grow we all grow ! Feeding of your knowledge Thank you !

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