At The Rich Barber, we always put our people over our products. We’re here to bring solutions for your daily grooming routine, and over the past 7 years, we’ve committed ourselves to bringing products to market that help barbers and customers alike achieve the results they want to see in their shops, their homes, and out in the world.

We’re renewing our commitment to our TRB family by making our social media, well...more social! We’ll be providing all new content that educates, entertains, motivates, and inspires you to be a better barber, a better entrepreneur, and a better you.

That means more videos, more tutorials, more learning, and more of all the stuff you want to see!


The Rich Barber Instagram - for barbers, entrepreneurs and self-grooming men looking to elevate their routines

1) The Rich Barber Instagram

Papa’s got a brand new ‘Gram. We’re revamping our Instagram with content curtailed to our fans, family, clients, and customers. We’re moving away from product-oriented content to focus on you, our customers, and the ways we can use social media as it was intended - to connect with y’all!

We’re opening up our page as a forum for communication, collaboration, and celebration with our community, bringing you more video content pertaining to everything TRB: our shops, our team members, our new releases, collaborations, and tutorials.

Instead of posting products, we want to feature our amazing customers and the transformations they’ve experienced with our Pro Rich Shampoo & Conditioner, Pro Rich Beard Oil, and N’Hance Pro Barber Kit II. We want to show the world how our 10 Sec. Blade Setter and 1 Min. Blade Modifier have improved results and made life easier for thousands of barbers.

More than anything, we want to hear your thoughts on how we’re doing - tell us what you love, what you don’t, and what you want to see done differently. Don’t be shy - slide into the DMs. 


The Rich Barber Tiktok

2) The Rich Barber Tik Tok

Unless you live under a rock, you know about the ‘Tok. TikTok has exploded in growth since its founding in 2016, surpassing Instagram to become the 6th most popular social media platform worldwide by 2022. Now, we’re bringing you The Rich Barber TikTok.

We’ve heard your demands for engaging, educational, and often hilarious content and we say it’s high time we got TRB on your FYP! We’re excited to bring you weekly TikTok videos giving you a first hand glimpse into the TRB family, our shops, our barbers, and the culture we’ve built with our clients and customers.

We’ll be doing new trends, duets, lives, tutorials, collabs, and everything in between. We’re going viral, y’all, and if you’re lucky you might even catch us break it down like Charlie.


The Rich Barber Youtube Channel - for product how tos, haircut videos, Chuka Torres videos, barber education videos and Los Angeles lifestyle videos

3) The Rich Barber Youtube

YouTube with you in mind. We’ll be covering subjects we’ve never covered before and giving our subscribers more of what they’ve asked for, including new insights into the private world of TRB from exclusive product launches to future collaborations, new #HowTo videos from your favorite up-and-coming barbers, exclusive content from yours truly, Chuka the Barber, and new interviews, panels, tutorials, giveaways, and more.


The Rich Barber Blog Page - for news, product drops, product how to's and barber education

4) The Rich Barber Blog

Check out the blog for new content curtailed to our fans and customers, including more features with up and coming barbers, self-care enthusiasts, and industry professionals to bring you authentic perspectives on barbering, entrepreneurship, and the self-care industry.

I’ll be covering all new topics and answering the questions you’ve been wanting to hear on everything from ingredients to supplements to daily grooming tips and more. We’ll be doing Ask the Audience segments, polls, resource suggestions, Q&As, and social media highlights.

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