The Rich Barber Company

1 Min Blade Modifier

$ 29.95
  • 1 Min Blade Modifier
1 Min Blade Modifier 1 Min Blade Modifier

The Rich Barber Company

1 Min Blade Modifier

$ 29.95


Now you can modify all your professional trimmer blades yourself with this easy to use tool. In 1-2 minutes you will turn a regular blade to a perfectly modified blade that will give you super sharp lines and closer shaves. Modified blades are quickly becoming the new standard & this is most definitely a game changer where the barbers/customers win.

* One Blade Modifier Can Modify an average of 20 Blades Saving You Tons Of Money.

The Price For A Modified Blade is $35.
That Means YOU'RE Paying $21 For The Modification Only.
When You Own A 1Min Blade Modifier You Spend $29.95.
You Spend $14 On The Trimmer Blade & Modify It Yourself In 1Minute.
You're Able To Modify 20 Trimmer Blades With A Single 1Min Blade Modifer.
This Saves You $420
($21 x 20 Blades = $420)


* You Purchased A New Pair Of Trimmers? Modify Your Trimmer Blades Right Out The Box Without The Need To Purchase A Modified Blade Or Send The Blade That Came With The Trimmer Somewhere To Get It Done. Saves Time + Money

* Modify Each Blade To Your Custom. A Lot Or A Little. You Have The Option With This Tool.

* We Used A Diamond Metal Stone For Plenty Of Uses.

* Designed To Not Over Sharpen Any Blade.

* Modify All Professional Andis, Wahl, Oster, & Babyliss Pro Blades.

* 100% Money Back Guarantee If Your Blades Don't Give Sharp Crispy Lines, Closer Shaves, & Just A Overall Better Performance.

* Patent Pending 

- Chuka The Barber