How To Build A Bullet-Proof Barber Business

FIRST - Create A Crazy Demand For Yourself 

You're a human being with a one head and two hands, you can only cut so much in one day. The key is to create a need for your services.  

This comes down to the experience you give, from the time your client walks through the door until he leaves the shop. 

Do they leave excited and juiced? Pay attention because If they do you'll become irreplaceable in their routine 

THEN- Serve Your Life-Time Clients 

Get in tune with your picky customers, the picker they are the better for you.

Don't ever forget that what you're selling is a feeling! If when they get out of your chair they feel like they can take on anything - you've created a life time client. 

So really appreciate them and ask questions: Get to know their head and them as an individual. 

LASTLY - Set Boundaries

Don't let your clients run your business - YOU RUN YOUR BUSINESS. 

The Rich Barber Commandment  #7 says Thou shall know thy value and promote thyself with confidence (Know thyself, Know thy worth) 
Get to Appointment only as soon as possible. 

Set your prices and stick to it (Don't let "just a line up" turn into a taper fade on the sides and the back) 

Set your boundaries and let your business live by them

That's how you build a bullet proof barber business 





I really enjoy reading you blogs… short and sweet! This for the weekly emails too, they keep me motivated.



i plan on starting barber school in a few months once i move out of California i appreciate all the advice..

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