The Rich Barber Co is Sustained with You As #1
My name is Chuka Torres, you may know me as Chuka The Barber.
I want to you all to know how much it means to me to be apart of your barber careers and journey to success.
With my experience being a Entrepreneur, Barber, Shop Owner, Inventor and Student of Success Principles- I've really experienced & learned a lot.
So my goal is to really pour into your cup as much value as possible; so that you can take this knowledge and information, apply it to your life and really win BIG in your Barber Career.
On The Rich Barber Tv we teach Good Game and knowledge that guarantees success in your barber career.
-The Do's and Dont's - What Actually Works In The Barber Industry vs. What Doesn't Bear Any Fruit
- Full -proof, tried proven techniques that have been tested from my experience.
The Rich Barber Mixtape, are step-by step tutorials that will help you improve your cutting techniques. They will consist of: classic cuts, the basics, freestyle designs and the rawest cutting trends of the time. So that you always have client demand in your barber business.
Third, I want to stay connected with you and I want you to stay connected with me.
I want to deliver you The Rich Barber Philosophy; so that you can embody it - take it and really WIN BIG in this industry we love.
Life is a journey, your barber career is a journey. We have the power to create and control what we do with our journey's.
I'm excited to to take this journey with you.
- Chuka The Barber



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