What is Supply & Demand??

You raise your prices when the demand for your services is too high for you to supply. 

Supply & Demand are economy strategy basics, to understand how this works inside your business you have to understand, both supply, (your services) and demand, (the need for your services) should never be equal. 

Demand: How much is your service desired by customers .. 

Supply: Your service at your price.. 

So here’s how it works: You’re one man with two hands and only so much time in one day. When you’re highly skilled and one of the best in your city - everyone wants to be cut by you. The demand for you allows for you to charge what you want to supply. 

For example: If I’m working 5 days a week, cutting 10 heads per day at $25 a cut. BOOKED BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. MAKING $250 A DAY = $ 1,250 A WEEK 

Now, I’m in high demand, getting more requests for cuts than I can physically put in the chair. So I raise my prices, allow the clients that don’t want to pay- to fall off. I do not add extra services to justify raising my prices - I just raise my prices because the demand for me is there. 

So now I’m working 5 days a week, cutting 8 heads per day at $35 a cut. STILL BOOKED BY APPOINTMENT ONLY AND MAKING $280 A DAY = $ 1,400 A WEEK 

This allows me to either work less and get paid more or work the same and get paid more. Both ways I'm in charge of my business being fully compensated for my services. 

Stay tuned, tomorrow I’ll tell you how to get the demand. 

Keep Grinding,

- Chuka The Barber 


  • Oronde' Tate

    Great analogy I totally understand it all makes more since..

  • Kenneth Pugh

    I understand exactly what you are saying Chuka. I have been in business for about 28 years now but in my spare time running my shop because I have a full time job. Now I’m off work due to an injury. The thought has crossed my mind to set myself up exactly this way because some people take up too much of your time and do not pay for your extra service or time unless you mention it but enlimatiting a person by raising your prices will show who’s loyal and who’s not especially when you know your worth

  • Sebastian Vasquez

    Whats up bro. Im convinced i can learn so much from you. How can i get in contact with you. Hope to hear back! Blessed??

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