Raise Your Prices With Demand

Last week my team picked a question about services.. Should you add them? 

To me barbering is how I express my artistic side. I love the craft. But, I don't love to perform facial services. So black mask's, scrubs, etc would never be added to my list. 

But should you add them? 

My Advice: Do Not Add Extra Services To Justify  Raising Your Prices! You raise your prices when the demand for you is too high to supply.  

Charge for the time it takes you to give them that million dollar feeling. 
You're raising your prices because you have too many customers for you to cut (supply).

Now you get to really choose your customer. The one that pays your price and values your time. 

In order to be able to do this you have to be highly skilled. Not average.. but highly skilled! 

The point is to be in high demand for the quality of your cuts. Make sure you're compensated for that properly first. Then if the extra service calls you; add the service. 

Also check out the blog 'What is Supply & Demand' &  I'll tell you the fundamentals of supply and demand. 

Keep Grinding,
- Chuka The Barber
Raise Your Prices With Demand