How Do You Fire Bad Clients?

How do you let go of clients that don’t fit your business model?

1. You Have To Be Bold About It
There could be friends/family that want you to run your business their way, but there comes a point where you have to take a stand and say, “this is my business and this is the way I would like to run it, Joe.” This doesn’t mean you and Joe can’t be friends outside of the shop, but if the way he wants to be serviced isn’t the way you service anymore. He can go be cut across the street. 

2. Build The Confidence
Feel good about yourself and your craft. When you really love the grind everyday, you build the confidence to protect it. Speak it into existence; use affirmations like: “I can do it if I believe I can!”

3. Be A Business Man
When it comes to what you do for a living, its not fruitful to work out of sympathy. You’re doing business as a man, never be rude, but this is how you work your business model and your clients have to respect that. Do it and you will inspire others around you live and work on their own terms

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Let Me Know When You Fire Your First Bad Client
-Chuka The Barber

How Do You Fire Bad Clients?