Don't Add Services!!!

Question: " Man, I've been at it in the barber game for awhile and I'm always booked, Im up on game as far as services, but I can't seem to get closer to the riches".


What's up bro,

First, that's wassup, if you think you have mastered the basics and want to add some specialty services to your business - I'm for that.

My advice is to make sure your compensated for your time. Charge for the time it takes you to give them that million dollar feeling. 

Then, if they would like a black masque, facial, or any other service charge them for your time. 

What do I mean by this? 

I see barbers raise the price of their cuts, $5-10 dollars and add a whole cut's worth of time in services. Instead of raising the price of just the cut. If you raise your prices, but add supplies and time - you're losing money.

Make sure you're highly skilled.

The point is to be in high demand for the quality of your cuts. Make sure you're compensated for that properly first.

Then you can bring value in other places.

Keep Grinding,
- Chuka The Barber


  • Walter Wiz Jones

    I appreciate that advice on entrepreneurship and I will support your business thanks a lot I see you at the top

  • Robert W Carpenter

    Hi my brother i got in the barber game 4 years ago i was 54 when i went to barber school im 58 now my problem is that most young men dont want to get cut by an old G thats what they call me what can i do to get them in my chair?

  • Carlos M Ramos

    Hi Chuka what up friend nice to meet you my name is Carlos I was born in Puerto Rico but I live here in Illinois I bought you an order or order through PayPal it was for if you send me DVDs of teaching to cut because the cuts here are different to how I cut out when I lived in Puerto Rico if you do not use those DVDs you can give away some that you have and send them with no order to my address 124 Valley View Cir Bloomington il 61705 my order number is # 19186 I’ll thank you for the help and god bless you in your business

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