Get The Vision

The Rich Barber Is An Idea 💡 

To be The Rich Barber your someone who believes in the idea adopts it and lives by the principles we teach. 

So How Do You Become The Rich Barber? 

1. You Have To Have A Crazy Desire For It 
To Be The Rich Barber it has to call you everyday. You can't be luke warm about becoming #TRB. Either you want it or you don't. In order to bear the fruit you're going to have to put everything on the line 💯

2. Build The State Of Mind 
Its a process that's going to take you starting your day conditioning your mind for success. The first few hours of my day are dedicated to me: work the body, build the mind, nourish the spirit - then, give the world my time. 

3. Pay The Price  
The price can really be unbearable sometimes; to really transcend and become this new person that can have whatever he wants..  Is not set up for everyone. Its for the 1% and to become that 1% you have to be willing to pay the price. 

If You Follow The Rich Barber 10 Commandments, Adopt The Mindset .. You'll Bear The Fruit 

Lets Get Started 
- Chuka The Barber 

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