TyBarberSign's Killing The Game

TY Barber Sign is killing the game & not just because he tied his alias to a up incoming rapper but, because he understood the barbers market and went for it. He saw what needed to be done in the production of himself and his barber business.

Exceeding most barbers on Instagram he really understands and owns his lane.

From the garage to The Rich Barber Hair Studio: Ty came from Merced to Sacramento with one goal in mind - To have ALL BUSINESS TALK .

Watch him break down his station and hopefully y'all soak up some of his free game.


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Im not a barber but if I was, this is the direction I would walk to. To know a business that is needed in all ethnic fashion and take it ti the next level. Its exciting just to hear let a long see it in motion. Keep the strive up!!!!!!!!

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