How To Win A Barber Battle

"My advice for any barber/stylist competing in a barber battle is to always have that winning mentality." -ZayThe_Barber

Right now, Barber Battles are trending .. So I'm going to give you three keys on being in the winners circle.


Understand the game and know the rules. Its a competition, be clear on what exactly they're judging you on .. That means understanding the details:

What specifically are they asking me to do?
What specifically are they asking me not to do?
Are there time limits? 10? 20 mins?

Make sure you ask your questions!!

You want nothing left unclear when you start the battle. You don't want be one those people at the end who say I could've done this or that and could have won!


Choose the correct model because his or her head is the canvas that you'll be creating your art on.

As barbers we know certain cuts and blends look better on certain kinds of hair.

Whether you're in a combover competition or the fastest fade; you need to be selective with your canvas. They need to have the right type of hair, the right texture so that the blend will pop and you could style it the way you want.

The most important is to be comfortable with your model and that will allow you really to go to work.

KEY #3 Create a Step-by-Step Process

When you enter a barber battle, you're on stage performing.

It's nerve wrecking enough so make sure you know exactly how you're going to get the cut completed.

CREATE A SYSTEM a step-by-step process, something you've practiced so when you're in the heat of the battle you will automatically perform.

Barber Battles are high energy and there will be lots of stuff going on around you.

Your job is to not allow the stuff around you to throw you off of your game.

Keep it simple.

For example.. If I were doing the fastest fade i'd probably start with the Wahl Balding clippers, instead of the trimmers (To bald the hair out quick)

Then, I would use the shavers ( bald even more out)

After, I would go in with another clipper and use some fading techniques..

This is just one of my systems..

You should, before you perform create your own system. So that you're not speed fading for the first time during the competition.

Remember, if you're competing to win then you need to know the rules, have the correct tools and strategize.

- Chuka The Barber 





Great & Nice Guide @Chuka, What Blade clipper is Great at crispy liner.



do you think you could leave some info for my website! ill quote you and everything! i just wanna post it in the blog!



this is great back bone for me right here! – amazed

Michael Baldwin

Michael Baldwin

One minute and blade setter will it give me sharper lines

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