TyBarberSign's 3 Tips to Gain 50k More Followers on Instagram

 TyBarberSign's is killing it on social media and really has the game on Instagram. So I gathered 3 of his best tips, for you to gain 50,000 more followers on Instagram.

1. Have Confidence 

There is no substitute for it.

Ty says; "stop caring what your friends, family and haters think: they don't grow your business. I want to be the top but that doesn't mean I want to be perfect: I might lose some followers because I post too much and thats okay, I'll gain them in clientele. You won't earn 50,000 followers by always looking your best. You will get more than 50K by being yourself. Your followers want the journey." 

2. Get the Right Tools 

"You have your Payless & you have your Footlocker, I'm interested in the footlocker clients." 

Therefore, along with his footlocker service he puts that same quality into promoting himself. 

Ty has a full arsenal of camera and production products @ BarberSignProductions. For beginner purposes we asked him what would be enough to get you started. 

He suggests...

A IPhone 6s 
A Cannon Rebel w/ Wifi 

3. Consistency 

This is genius and simple.
Go live once a day.
Post as much as you can
& Hashtag everything relevant. 

Go Follow my boy and be blessed @TyBarberSign 

Keep Grinding, 
-Chuka The Barber 


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