Pay Your Dues

I get the question: "What advice would you give a Barber starting out.. or in their first couple of years?" 

Don't Skip Steps & Pay Your Dues 

This means you're always in tune with your craft ( your cuts, tools, service and client). Nothing gets by you, you are vigilant and forever moving forward. In order to be a great barber the craft must consume you: everyday, every cut. 

Develop a great cut mentality: meaning every cut is conscious, no detail left unnoticed. You're communicating with your customer, nailing their terminology. You want every cut to be a walking ad for your business. 

Clients at minimum want to know that you can deliver on the cut they want. This means getting clear on their desired look ( for tips on how to do this read What To Do When You Get a New Client). 

 Master your skills, take the time, put in the energy- do whatever it takes! Then grind at it, grind at it, grind at it until your skills are way above par. 

Don't skip steps: your tools allow you to get to the detail. If you're always dealing with missing teeth on your blades and borrowing products; you'll never get to the next level. 

When you're mastering your craft, paying your dues, it should stand out in all areas of your business.

So greet your clients by name and with a smile. Be and stay on time and get interested in people. Your experience is key and will keep a client. 

Pay your dues and keep grinding, 

- Chuka The Barber 

Pay Your Dues