How To: Get A Crispy Line Up Every Time

Crispy Straight Line Ups Come In 4 Parts: 

Prepare The Hair:  Hair has natural oils that make it hard for our trimmers to grab hair. If you want a clean line up you need the hair to stay in one place: Nhance Hold Spray traps the inevitable hair oils for a clean line up.  

It also softens's and conditions the hair while holding it in place. 

Prepare The Blade:You want your line up's to be sharp and crispy every time. This means you need to keep your blades maintained and in perfect shape. I never go to work without them and with the1 Min Blade Modifieryou never have to either. 

To make sure you never experience bitting or cutting your client; grab On The Money 10 sec Blade Setter for your perfect adjustment.

Prepare Yourself: A perfect crispy line up depends on the details. Practice, take your time and watch God Fade video on YouTube to learn my technique.  

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How To: Get A Crispy Line Up Every Time