What To Do When You Get A New Client

This is what you should do in the first 15 mins of servicing a new client.  

 The first cut comes with a consultation. 

Ask questions understand their terminology. When servicing a new client you want to go deeper to really understand what it is that they want. 

Here's what I do 

I turn them around so we both can see in the mirror and I ask them "What kind of hair cut are you looking for?"

9 times out of 10 they come to me looking for a fade (because that's what I advertise) Then I confirm "What type of fade?  (bald, shadow, high, low) So that I am clear on what he/she wants. 

Get to know their perspective; when they say "take some off the top". What does that mean? Do they know the guards? 

In the age of instagram you can always get a picture so that you both understand what the client is actually asking for. 

If you want some tips on new client terminology check out this video I did here 

After i'll investigate a little and look at what they've previously had done because they most likely want something similar.

Remember: This first cut by you should come with a consultation; really do a deep dive of what the customer wants and break it down. 

It should take about 10-15 mins but this will be the difference between keeping and losing a new client. 

- Chuka The Barber 



What To Do When You Get A New Client