My Blade Modifier Isn't Hittin HELP!!!



1.  Make Sure The Blade Your Modifying Is One On The List.

The 1 Min Blade Modifier modifies all 
professional trimmer blades. Look at the list to ensure your blade is compatible with the 1 Min Blade Modifier. 

2. Watch The Instructional Video On YouTube.

This is so important to your success while using the 1 Min Blade Modifier. Our
How To Instructional Video will tell you exactly how to get your blades hittin' on the money 💯 

3. Set The Blade Correctly. 

You don't need your blade exactly  Zero Gapped, just slightly below. The 1 Min Blade Modifier Modifies the blade but to get maximum performance you need the blade to be
set correctly. 

4. Feel The Tip 

When you've finished modifying for the set modification time; take it off and look at it.. feel the tip. That way you can check to see if you need to modify or make more adjustments. 

5. Make Sure Your Blade Is Clean. 

The 1 Min Blade Modifier is designed to modify your new blades. It is not a "re-sharpener" therefore, you only need to modify each blade once. 

Watch Instructional Video Here .

Go Apply This & Win 
- Chuka The Barber 

My Blade Modifier Isn't Hittin HELP!!!