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What You Need To Know Before Starting Your Apprenticeship  

Our new advice segment, Ask Chuka is here. Have a question you want to ask about the Barber Industry, success or just my journey? This is your weekly chance to get the game. This week we're talking about the do's and dont's of Apprenticeship. 

Question: " Could you give me some tips on how I should  approach my first year of apprenticeship? What should I do & is there anything I shouldn't do? " 

Become a sponge .. try an soak up all the good game you can. Watch how the barbers in the shop you admire communicate with their customers, how they conduct business. Really listen and learn their methods so that you can soak up all the positive game you can. 

Be aware of your influences.. make sure you really know the person you're allowing to mentor you. They need to have a good foundation and some real experience. Check out their background, pay close attention and ask questions. The fruit of what they built needs to be visible. 

Be open to learn .. But always take inventory of what's going on. In my first barbershop, I picked up some bad habits. I thought because the owner of the shop was getting away with certain things - I could too. But after awhile I knew I  had to get rid of all those bad habits if I wanted to become successful. So you really have to  think " Do I want to adopt this? Is this how I should be talking to my customers or is it not? Is this how I want to run my business or is it not? Is this way of doing things the most beneficial? "  

Be fruitful & Multiply 
-Chuka The Barber 


  • Eddy Ordoñez

    Hola chuka soy nuevo en esto y si me llama la atencion lo de ser peluquero. Aqui no hay que saben hacer estylos nuevos solamente cortez como los.de los 90’s y por eso quiero aprender y me gusta cortar cabello y aprender muchos estilos de cortes. Como puedo comenzar.. aqui solo le corto a 2 personas familiares. Pero deseo aprender porque es una de las cosas que me entusiasma al ver otros peluqueros asiendo cortes muy buenisimos. Siempre estoy viendo videos pero no tengo a nadie que me ayude aqui personal en decirme que hago mal o etc. Gracias por tu tiempo espero me respondas.. dios.te.bendiga

  • Cam

    I think what you bring to the table is very useful! I am gratified to be a part of what you give to the world! Thanks for everything and i wish you and yours the best!

  • Cam

    I think what you bring to rhe table is very useful! I am gratified to be a part of what you give to the world! Thanks for everything and i wish you and yours the best!

  • I am Abdul-Azeez Hamed, nicknamed "HMD"

    I love this, it really motivate me. Master I will forever love you and all your video clips. I am an hair stylist in my country and I love watching your YouTube tutorials, in fact it as really improved my skills, Thanks

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