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I created The Rich Barber Tv as a way to give back to an industry that has allowed me to have everything I wanted. I get questions everyday about how to win, whats at my station and how to get sharper lines and closer shaves. 

If you want it its yours. 

We put a list together of every rich barber tv episode ever made. I want you to use this guide as an opportunity to educate yourself and get better, so that you can have everything you want out of your barber career. 

Episode 0: The Rich Barber Tv Pilot

6 minutes

This is an introduction to TRB TV. I created the show as a way to give back, so every week I am answering questions, sharing my barber life and Good Game Knowledge and Information to help elevate your barber career. Watch the pilot to learn more..

Episode 1: The Rich Barber 10 Commandments

14 minutes

I break down the TRB 10 Commandments for the first time since the blog. Whether you should take Walk-Ins or go Appointment only was my most asked question on Instagram. Watch why I think appointment only is the only way to go..

Episode 2: Andis Clipper Review

13 mins

I did a review on some of my favorite Andis clippers : Andis Masters, Fade Masters and T-Outliners. At 7 minutes watch how I get around dealing with the HOT ASS MASTERS.

Episode 3: Line Up & Shape Up 101

14 minutes

I show you my tips and tricks to having the sharpest lines and most blurry fades possible. The Drake part was popular then so skip to 13:30 if you want to learn.

Episode 4: Defining Success: Former & Latter

20 minutes

When I defined what success meant to me it took me to the next level. Learn how to define success for you from start to finish with this video.

Episode 5: Kendrick Lamar Nappy Fade

16 mins

How to prepare and fade tight curls to get a clean cut every time. The wall seniors went to work on this cut

Episode 6: 3 Marketing Keys To Guarantee

12 mins

3 months after I got my barbers license i went appointment only. I never passed out business cards and I barely sold myself in person. Watch this video to learn the foundation of successful online marketing.

Episode 7: How to Retain Clientele

5 mins

To become a Rich Barber you need create demand for your services. In this video I give you my top 3 tips to retaining clientele no matter how high your prices are.

Episode 8: Barber College vs. Apprenticeship

6 mins

Which is best for you? I break down the value of both so you can make the decision that’s best for you!!

Episode 9: Interview with A Rich Barber Isaiah Ford @Zaythe_Barber

11 mins

At 18 Zay was killing the game and his success hasn’t peaked yet. Learn how to approach life on your own terms and making uncomfortable decisions and believing in yourself. Go to his channel if you wanna know how to master the fade

Episode 10: Meet The Barbers of Brooklyn Official Cuts


I visited Brooklyn’s Official cuts in New York.. Got to know the barbers, history and how Barbering has been their ticket to the good life.

Episode 11: What Would You Do?

6 mins

Alot of times you think you have the cleanest cut until some real light hits it : So we asked if you were walking your client out and you see he had dark spots or a guideline what would you do? Watch this video to learn how to handle a difficult situation

Episode 12: Questions With Shantelle


I brought on my Operations Manager to ask me some questions. Get to know me a little and what I think about Tidal and working a 9-5

Episode 13: Andis Slimline Pro Review

6 mins

Great for edge-ups, because its blade is deep tooth so I can free hand easily. These are my favorite cordless trimmer watch why…

Episode 14: Firing Clients

5 mins

Once you find your idea client you gotta know how to avoid friction in your business. Watch how to fire clients when they don’t work inside your business model.

Episode 15: New Client Terminology

6 mins

When servicing a new client you must ask questions- go deeper and really figure out what it is your new client looking for.

Episode 16: Perfecting The Blend

4 mins 

TAKE OFF MORE HAIR this is the secret to perfecting the blend watch my tips on how in this video..

Episode 17: Meet the Barbers of Diamond Cuts Atlanta

8 mins

I went out to visit my man Youssef at his shop Diamond Cuts… Watch to find out how he got the name..

Episode 18: Why I Go To Barber Shows

4 minutes

Connection, Feedback & Opportunity this episode I tell you how Barber shows can help take you to the next level.

Episode 19: Barber Hair Fibers [Nhancing Your Cuts]


I talk about trends in this video and why you have to put out whats hot and ride the wave.

Episode 20: How To Find YOUR Perfect Barber Shop

3 mins

The first barbershop I worked in had all kinds of beef over clientele because they always had this mindset of lack. In this episode I tell you the steps to finding a shop where everyone eats.

Episode 21: Ideal Barber Lifestyles


I went out of town and Shantelle took over The Rich Barber Tv to talk to the barbers at TRB Hair Studio about their Ideal barber lifestyles. Watch their responses to the questions

Episode 22: How To Perfect The Blend & Get Out the Guideline [The How - To ]

9 mins

This is the first step-by-step video made from client feedback. Here I show you how to perfect the blend by taking off more hair. Watch to see.

Episode 23: Plan Your 2017 Barber Life

13 mins

In this video I show you how to reach your barber goals and give you some insight on how I continue to reach mine. Watch the video and get a free PDF designed to make you win in 2017

Episode 24: Get More Energy As A Barber (3 Easy Tips) w/ Mark Dhamma

11 mins

In this episode Chuka interviews High Performer Coach Mark Dhamma @MarkDhamma on instagram and finds out how he gets more energy as a barber and make winning your habit.

Episode 25: How To Win A Barber Battle

5 mins

If you’re looking to compete - you need to understand the game and know the rules. This video is all about the 3 keys to entering to WIN a barber battle.

Episode 26: How To Turn Transactions Int Relationships

3 mins

Everyone of my clients can expect to know me. When they sit in my chair and become regular - they become apart of my world. We exchange value and the relationship becomes one of significance.

Episode 27: Your $40 Dollar Cuts Weak As Fuck

15 mins

My Operations Manger is back on the rich barber tv and she’s answering some of y’alls question in the youtube comments. Here some people think it aint worth money, I give you some strategies on how to charge what your worth. Go To YouTube To watch the episode now!!

Episode 28: 3 Advanced Tips To Perfecting Your Barber Career

4 mins

Perfect your skills at any stage of your barber career and stay one step ahead. This one video right here will add voltage to your barber career don’t skip it.

Episode 29: How To Build A Bullet-Proof Barber Business


Make sure you’re building your barber business in a way that you are always in demand. No matter if the economy’s fucked up, you move locations or the shop gets no walk-ins. This video has the steps to bulletproofing your barber business.

Episode 30: My Barber Station

8 mins

This us a deep dive into my barber station. My station is basic asfuck so it was easy to give you the secret to each tool. This was a highly requested video and I appreciate the feedback!

Episode 31: Meet The Barbers Of Vibe BarberShop SD

6 mins

@RASTITTA is on The Rich Barber Mixtape Volume II and owns The Vibe Barbershop SD. Meet him and the barbers and see their design secrets.


13 mins

We took a tour of @tybarbersigns station & Im impressed on how this cat is taking mens grooming to a whole new level. Check this video to see how he sets up his barber station to ensure his clients get the whole barber sign experience.

Episode 33: Barber School Success w/ Urban Barber College In San Jose

7 mins

Going to Barber College? Urban Barber College owner tells me what he teaches barbers to succeed early. He also explains how being unsatisfied with his own barber college experience inspired him to start his own.

Episode 34: What Is A Rich Barber ???


Its the question everyone wants to know.. What is a Rich Barber? In this video I tell you how we do shit that’s way way way above average. I also break down the The Rich Barber 10 Commandments on how to become a Rich Barber. Watch now

Episode 35: The Rich Barber Seminar VLOG Edition

11 mins

Put yourself in a winning position, go the extra mile, kill the fade and push yourself on social media with @dlucs_ , @dunnthebarber, @zaythe_barber, @tybarbersign. These are the steps to being successful after barber college.

Episode 36: How To Become The Best Barber In Your City

10 mins

Promote yourself to that status. Its not all about the skills its about making your name ring bells. Don’t do shit wrong and communicate your message. If you want good things said about you and you want to be popular you gotta do what it takes to deserve it. Watch this video and show you how!

Episode 37: Find Your Passion A Thousand Strong

12 mins

I talked to them about what it really means and what it takes to have your dream. The Mayors Initiative A Thousand Strong helps Juniors and Seniors in Sacramento get paid internships for experience in the work world. So I talked to them about not becoming robots.

Episode 38: What Kind Of Clippers Do YOU Use??

6 mins

I’m tired of the lazy question “what kind of clippers do you use” because its the mindset that makes you great. The tools just help with efficiency. In this video I talk about what’s necessary after Barber College and how to make money in the modern world.

Episode 39: Get Modified Blades For $14 Dollars & DIY

6 mins

I talk about the inception of the blade modifier and how you create a game changing product.

Episode 40: How To Keep Customers Coming Back

3 mins

Creating a crazy demand for yourself is what I’m putting you on in this video. These 3 tips will guarantee your clientele success

Episode 41: What’s Inside My Barber Box

13 mins

Good Game Knowledge and Information to get your barber career to the next level. I bought a new barber box and I took you with me to show you how I it up before a out the shop service.

Episode 42: Fuck Waiting on A Walk In; Build Demand

6 mins

Controlling your own destiny, that’s what the walk-ins don’t allow you to do. Shantelle hosts another Q&A session.

Episode 43: How To Get A Yes

2 mins

Come with a purpose, be specific and direct. The full proof way to always getting the YES that’s for you!!

Episode 44: What To Do When You’re fucking Up A Hair Cut??

4 mins

When you knock off too much hair and you can’t get it back. What do you do when you’ve messed up or in over your head on this episode of TRB TV.

- Chuka The Barber 

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