Meet Antjuan Alba owner of The Vibe Barbershop SD

If you've been blessed with the clippers and the business acumen of a shop owner, allow us to introduce you to Antjuan Alba (@rastitta on instagram).

Who will make sure you walk out the shop crispy with or without - but, preferably with 'the sauce'. 

His cuts not only make his clients feel like they can take on the world, But also every barber to work inside The Vibe Barbershop.  

At 14 he picked up his first pair of clippers and at 19 he got his barbers license. In in less than 4 years he opened up The Vibe, in sunny af San Diego. 

His specialty? A crispy-cut-with-a-side-of-sauce. 

According to Antjuan customers come looking for the enhancements (the sauce); & it comes in two parts: Hair Fibers and Air Brush. 

When I asked him how he addresses the haters (because we know how highly contested enhancements are) he said "They come in here looking for the sauce... and if they don't want it they still leave crispy. But I don't spend any time on the negativity.. I always keep it pushin'."

Enhancements don't hide the cut they magnify it @rastitta explains " I take my time, I make them crispy .. because the whole point is to make sure [ the customer ] walks out with that extra little step" 

Watch how he gives them that on The Rich Barber Mixtape Volume II 👇🏽

Meet Antjuan Alba owner of The Vibe Barbershop SD