It's All About The Experience



"Ty Really Did Change My Life With This Cut" 

Above is a recent Yelp review for Ty Barber Sign and I am sharing it to prove: It's all about the experience - the feeling you give to your clients. Ty Barber Sign had his new client 'feeling like Jesus walking out the shop'.

Here's How 👇🏽  

1. Ty has an Instagram that shows all of his work ( His client felt secure in getting cut by him) 
2. Ty communicates (When he was running late he called ahead of time so his client wasn't waiting on him)
3. Ty went the extra mile (Asked if he wanted some water) 
4. Ty executed the Cut 

I hope you take this and apply it.. 

Much Love & Success 
-Chuka The Barber 

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