Make Yourself Someone to Remember

Then you'll always have clients in your chair...

The most frequent question I read is about getting and keeping clients and to me, it simply comes down too two keys: skill and personality.

 In the comments y'all ask:

Do I pass out business cards? Do I give one cut free every five hair cuts?

Really, I don't know because I never really invested my time in those marketing methods (not to say they don't work). But, I always focused on selling myself and letting my craft speak for itself.

We're in the service business, because of this we have to sell ourselves and always leave a positive impression. Not just when we're passing out business cards or the client is in the chair. We're never off and we're constantly investing in ourselves and our barbering. 

That means you gotta get to know people- From making conversation with the teller when you're cashing a check at the bank or complimenting the waitress for her attentive service. Go that extra mile - its never crowded. 

& Leave that positive impression... 

- The Rich Barber 



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I love u guys work. so how can i b pact of u guys na,cos me too am a professional barber too

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