As an 18 year-old and a Barber, Isaiah is winning at life. He's self employed, confident and determined to succeed.So we asked him to give us his keys and this is what he told us..

Discipline:Friday nights and Saturday mornings Zay is cutting in the shop, learning from the barbers around him. He feels like his passion for the craft of barbering fuels the want to get better. 

Zay is one of the best barbers in the shop, when I take break I send my clients to him. He says he still watches YouTube videos and finds a head to practice on.

Post pictures and using the hash tag's. "Make sure that when people think about getting a hair cut they think about you; you gotta be a household name"



Make sure you find @yungb_zay on Instagram & YouTube


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Owusu Emmanuel

Owusu Emmanuel

They a all nice to me so i am leaning more to be good

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