How To Retain Clientele

How To Retain Clientele?
I've identified 3 ways that will always keep clients in your chair.. 

#1 Your Skills 

There is no way around this one.. either you produce a fresh cut or your clients will find a barber who will.  You have to take the time to perfect your barbering craft. 

How? Completely committing and consuming yourself with barbering.

Are your fades blended?
Are your line ups crisp?
Can you taper on any hair length and texture?

If you can't answer all of these questions with at least 98% confidence every haircut.. its time for you to grow. Invest in your time, put in the energy, and FOUCS

#2 Your Personality 

You gotta have a pleasing personality.. people want to feel good in your chair. In order to get  this you need to identify how clients react to the way you do and say things.

This feedback, negative and positive will allow you to have more harmony in your relationships 

Figuring out your personality weakness: 

How do people react when you greet them? 
What kind of conversation engages your clients? 
How many of your clients refer you to their friends?

3. The Experience 

Combining the first two: skills and personality .. you now, have the experience that the customer comes and gets.

You give them a feeling of increase that allows them to look good and feel better.. 

Once you create an atmosphere with that feeling..whatever you charge your clients, they will continue to pay. Why? because they always feel like they're getting more in return. You want them to be excited about coming and feel great leaving.

The goal is to give them a experience that they wouldn't get anywhere else.. 

That's how you become #TheRichBarber