This Is Why You're Burnt Out

Burn-out is fu**ing real. When you’re in the shop everyday, servicing clients, without a plan or method - You can get lost. 

We’re artist’s so it’s natural that we would forget the business of barbering. But in order to cash in on your passion for barbering - you need a method. 

You need to design your business so that you have control not your clients and not your business.

Master Your Craft: I can’t say this enough 🗣 MASTER THE ACT OF BARBERING. You must be able to give a decent haircut. Potential customers want great haircuts make sure you’re able to deliver. The Rich Barber Mixtape teaches you free. 

 Create Goals & Follow with A Plan: If you follow anyone with long term success; they will tell you it was by design. They didn’t just one day wake up a success. They planned for it, here’s a link so you can too. 

 Improve Yourself Daily: create a routine, work-out, read your affirmations. Become someone you’re proud of and tell yourself “I can do it if I believe I can”. 

- Chuka 

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