Are You Doing Whatever It Takes To Be The Best Barber?

If you want to achieve way above average then you must remain a seeker. The master mindset demands that you look for ways to become better. You may never dismiss the opportunity to grow. 

In Barber college I was lacing the entire neighborhood. Me and my patna's were teaching the instructors. So I thought I had the game tied up. 

Then I got in my first shop and the barber across from me out cut me. What I'm saying is I thought I was good and realized he was great. He was cutting when no one else in the shop was cutting. And I couldn't dismiss it. I couldn't say well "i'm good enough" when great was the barber station across from me. 

Every level demands new success from you 

Kobe Bryant said: " I know that I've done everything I could to be the best basketball player" 

Are you doing whatever it takes to be the best barber? 

Let me know in the comments below what you do to level up! 

-  Chuka 

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