The New N’Hance Pro Barber Kit Feels Like A Sports Car, Tho….

During the global pandemic, we’ve all equally gone through an unexpected turn. We’ve seen our own shops being forced to shut down for an extended, and an indefinite period of time. You may have experienced clients panicking to become their own personal men’s groomer, or even..developing a socially-distanced bond with their barber via Zoom.

The up-side is that it didn’t stop us from staying inspired. We took this time to form deeper connections with our clients. We hustled, did house calls, maintained style, and developed new ways to elevate an at-home men’s self grooming routine. 

Now that shops in California have reopened, we know the importance of representation and how it makes us respond to those feelings. It’s why we’ve upped our game in developing a brand new sleeker and sexier design for our N’Hance Pro Barber Kit.


- Your appearance is the first impression your clients see -

You might be staying in the studio longer, but your next clients will be seeing you for the first time, each time. So, keepin your clients and yourself lookin fresh all day is key. The N’Hance Hair Fibers is a must-have barber essential, and is included in the N’Hance Pro Barber Kit. That level of detail will never go unnoticed. 


The Rich Barber N'Hance Hair Fiber Pro Barber Tool Kit


- Confidence is Rich -

The same goes with your mind-set and The Rich Barber products you use. When you’re using products that make you feel like royalty, your customer will feel and sense the confidence you’re about to exude onto them. Whether you are using it on yourself before you meet up with clients or using it on the client you’ll be working on - you know you’ll be giving them that richness... because if you feelin it, they feelin it.


Your client, when they feelin like a million ...



What's in the N'hance Pro Barber Tool Kit?

A Barber’s Essentials, for Long-Lasting Wear 

See You At The Top 🏁
- The Rich Barber -


The New N’Hance Pro Barber Kit Feels Like A Sports Car, Tho….