The Barber Brand Playbook

August 15th, 2017 20-year-old Joel Thompson made a call that would change his life forever:

“The next thing you know -I’m setting my phone down after a 10 minute phone call with the man himself, Chuka Torres, & in less than a month I bought myself a non-refundable ticket & on October 9, 2017 all my bridges were burnt. Me, my two suitcases and Think & Grow Rich took a one way ticket to Sacramento, California” Joel said.

At fifeteen, his mom bought him his first pair of Walmart clippers and he went from ‘dead broke’ to cutting everyone in Athens County Ohio.

Today he’s a apprentice at The Rich Barber Hair Studio, and a barber on the rise. When Joel said he was moving to Sacramento, from Athens Ohio I knew he was hungry.

Willing to put everything on the line for his dream, ’The Barber Brand Playbook’, Joel’s first ebook, is about just that - How to get and stay hungry.

Read how he went from charging $5 a cut in a city with less than 3,000 people, to moving to California, and cutting in one of the dopest shops.

Click here to read his journey in The Barber Brand Playbook  absolutely free. 

The Barber Brand Playbook