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Here are some of my tips to finding a Barbershop that will align with your goals and keep you winining in yourbarber career.

Before you start looking for your perfect Barbershop, make sure you know what your perfect barbershop looks like. 

Start asking yourself: What would my dream barbershop look like?  What kind of environment would it have? Does it fit my personality? 

Then write it down...

Have a clear mental image of what your perfect barbershop would be like. Then put it on paper!  

How does it make you feel? What kind of conversations would you have? What kind of client does your perfect shop attract?

After you have a clear picture of what you want and expect: check out some barbershops in your city and see if there are spaces available.

I recommend you visit each barbershop you’re thinking of cutting in and spend some real time inside the walls of shop,

TRB TIP 👉🏽 Offer to take the shop owner to coffee or something. The owner really sets the standard for the shop, taking them out will let you know if you connect.

Harmony is key in a place you’re going to spend 3,4,5 days out the week at. Be aware of the atmosphere your asking to be apart of.

Ask questions: Is it commission or booth rent?  

Spend some time with the barbers and ask them questions: What’s the culture like here.. Is there a system for walk-ins? Really get some feedback and just kind of get a feel for the barbershop

Then rate each barbershop you visit on a scale from 1 to 10.

Closer to 10 being more most suitable for you: The one that you connect with most. Closer to 1 meaning those aren't your vibes.

Remember that this is all preference, ultimately it ends up being what is right for YOU. There isn't a right or wrong for the barbershop you choose.

Each Barbershop is unique and has its own culture. For instance, New York and LA. Two popping cities on different sides of the coast.

DOPE but, different. 

 I'd go spend time in Los Angeles and get a feel for the culture, see the areas I would live and work in.

See how your spirit connects with it it.

Then do the same in the New York City. Hop on the subways and check out the Burroughs. Try and connect with people and really see which city fits your spirit and personality. Then make a decision. 

Even if its local: Pick a shop that matches where you want be as a barber. 

In my barbershop its a certain type of culture and environment. It’s really an atmosphere that promotes winning. We really have nothing but motivation and inspiration at The Rich Barber Hair Studio. 

I hope you guys take this and use it to find the barbershop that fits you. watch the video if you haven't already here

& If you’re in a barbershop that’s not working for you reverse engineer, go check out some barbershops and ask the same questions, get to know new barbers and see if you find a better fit for you  

-Chuka The Barber  

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