An ancient Chinese proverb reminds us: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Everyone, no matter who they are, starts somewhere. No matter where our journeys begin, they begin at the beginning. Where we take our story defines who we are.

When I started The Rich Barber, I didn’t have a dollar to my name. What I did have was drive, passion, and ambition. I knew I didn’t want to be told when to work or how much I was going to make. I didn’t want to give away my labor to build someone else’s future. I had to become my own boss and do the work I found was truly meaningful.

I created The Rich Barber as a blueprint to guide those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion to learn, grow, manifest, and achieve. At the beginning of my career, I collected the tools I knew would help take me to the top - my “starter kit.” I chose the tools that resonated most with me and kept my kit simple, efficient, and effective.

As I expanded my business into product creation, I looked at the tools I was using in the shop everyday and asked myself how I could make them both more innovative and more intuitive. The result was a series of tools and accessories that elevate, expedite, and ease daily barbering tasks. Here are the top 3 tools to guide your starter kit to greatness:

The Rich Barber N'hance Pro Barber Kit 2

1. N’Hance Pro Barber Kit II

For everything beyond the haircut, there’s the N’Hance Pro Barber Kit II including our N’Hance Stylizing Hair Fibers, N’Hance Style Hold Spray, Application Card, and Applicator Pump. This kit gives the beginning barber all the essentials they need to enhance hairlines with our keratin-infused hair fibers. The Applicator Pump allows you disperse product evenly and avoid waste while the Application Card keeps your line-ups clean and razor sharp. When you’ve achieved the perfect look for your client, lock it in with the N’Hance Style Hold Spray.

The Rich Barber Razor Holder

2. The Razor Holder

Nothing beats the classics. Keep your single edge razor blades in our professionally-designed, push-style Razor Holder. Get the barbershop quality detail and precision for closer shaves and fewer razor bumps with our lightweight, rust-resistant Razor Holder. Flawlessly shape and detail hairlines and beards with zero hassle or added weight.

The Razor Holder is constructed with a rust-resistant steel material in a dull matte finish, making it perfect for shower shaves, line-ups, or your barbering starter kit. Get cleaner fades, crisper line-ups, and better precision with a Razor Holder that looks as good as it performs.

The Rich Barber 360 Barber Cape

3. 360 Styling Barber Cape

Clients are heroes and they deserve a proper cape! Get the lightweight, water-resistant 360 Styling Barber Cape designed to comfortably protect your clients from hair, water, and debris. Its universal fit and coverage of the 360 Styling Barber Cape make it the ideal choice for your barber shop or at-home use. Compatible with all neck sizes, the 360 Styling Cape bears The Rich Barber logo to keep your mind focused, elevated, and as sharp as the cuts you give.

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