How To Build Your Barber Box 

First: Visualize The Cut 

Think about the customer, what kind of cut are you performing? What tools will you need? 

Visualize your cutting process:
From draping your client to what you’ll need for a crisp line up. Organize your barber box for success and prepare for all of the pitfalls (i.e bad lighting, lack of space, distractions) 

Then: Keep It Simple 

I only bring what’s necessary for me:

  1. Cleaning Products (Cool Care, Sanex Strips) 
  2. One Clipper, One Trimmer (cordless) & A Shaver (click here to see details). 
  3. Guards & The Rich Barber Shears/ Razor
  4. On The Money 10 Sec Blade Setter for the Simline Pro's 
  5. Two Combs: A Regular one and The Flash Comb
  6. The N’hance Hair Fibers & Hold Spray Kit probably in black or brown 
  7. Styling Products (Curl Sponge, Pomade etc) 
P.S. Fibers & The Flash Comb on Sale Right Now On the website! 

& Always: Keep A Emergency Kit 

Accidents happen .. They happen to me and they happen to you. 

What you don't want is to be performing an out of the shop service, drop your blade, break it and have no replacement. 

That's why I keep a 1 Minute Blade Modifier in my Barber box and at my Barber station. 

Because, we’ve all done it; dropped our clippers or trimmers and had to replace the blade.

Now with the 1 Minute Blade Modifier, you can buy your own blade for $14 dollars, modify and  set it   yourself in less than two minutes & be back to work like nothing happened. 

Much Love & Success
- Chuka The Barber