The Rich Barber Method: How To Attract Clients, Keep Them, and Charge More

$ 15.00

The Rich Barber Method: How To Attract Clients, Keep Them, and Charge More

$ 15.00


What I’ve discovered is that there is a solid foundation that every barber must set up for themselves if they really want to be in control of there career, be able to enjoy it and make the money they desire. I’ve created a easy to follow method that has been proven to work. I've witness its work for not only myself but also by the barbers in my barbershop. So I know it will work for you.

In this book I share it all in such a way that any barber can apply the principles to their business and win. In my 10 years of barbering I've come to realize that there are specific things that a barber must do to make more money. 

The first thing you must do is master specific aspects of the craft.

Then you must keep your clients coming back and raving about you. Without you asking them to do it.

Then you must promote your mastery.

Then you need to increase your prices.  Make more money!

Then you need to do it again, and again, and AGAIN.

If you learn this system you will never have to hunt for clients, customers will be hunting you down. You will never have to try to convince someone to get a haircut by you they will convince themselves. You will be sought after and customers will want to be serviced by you specifically. They will continue to come faithfully. You will have an influence.  You will be known as the #1 barber to go to. You will have constant overflow of customers and you can potentially make 6 figures per year.

If you don’t learn this system, you won’t ever be able to scale your barber business. People will not want to get cut or serviced by you and ultimately they will reject you. You will have to always try to convince and beg people to sit in your chair. You will have to say things like “go tell someone about me.” You will have to bribe people with discounts and deals. You will be looked at as the barber that just can’t get right and is desperate for business. People just won't care about you or your service. Your clientele flow will stay low or your demand will stay stagnant, ultimately limiting you income. And at the rate that this industry is growing you will be left so far behind that you will quickly become irrelevant.

Then you will look back years from now to only realize that you left 10's of thousands of dollars on the table year after year simply because you didn't have the right approach and strategy for your career.

 So think about it. What if you could set things up in a way that you are constantly attracting new clients, who fit your business style, who rave about you, and are willing to pay you whatever you ask for your services? Could you not see how you will never lack business in your careers, and it will be enjoyable. But you need a proven effective method and strategy, because this will not magically happen on its own. 

The Rich Barber Method is your roadmap to attracting clients, keeping them, and charging more. The barber life is so much better when you're in demand, making money and winning. TRUST ME! - Chuka The Barber 


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22 Jul 2020
Marlon H.
United States United States
Rich the barber

Great still reading it

21 Apr 2020
alex m.

As a 5 year veteran barber this book gave me more of a insight of how to become a barber businessman and how to elevate my self as a barber and a person thank you Chucks the barber for a amazing book best barber book I have read so far follow me on ig @alluci__ and follow my journey with applying the Rich barber fundamentals!

The Rich Barber The Rich Barber Method Book (Softcover ONLY) Review
23 Apr 2019
Tommy t.

The book was nothing short of what I expected. Chuka did his thing once again bringing innovation to the industry as he always does. I’m big on the law of attraction and the power of development and he took that knowledge and information and put it into perspective for the barbers point of view. 10/10