Julio Martinez - @J.Marrtt

Julio Martinez - @J.Marrtt

"I remember when I first picked up a pair of clippers at 15 spending 2-3 hours on a head bc I wanted it to be perfect! Lol lil bro would fall asleep on the chair late nights, from cutting in my kitchen for free, to moving in the garage spending my whole saturdays and Sundays grinding it out, for some extra snack/movie/clothes money.

Eventually, later on in life making moves to houses at the time when I was living in San Jose, driving and fighting rush hour traffic back to sac after work, cutting 3-4 heads, picking up my daughter, hitting the gym all in a day!!
I don't know how I did it, but I realized now, looking back it, I had love for this barbering game. I was hungry!

Never would I thought I’d be the person I am today bc of barbering. It taught me so much, not just in the cutting, but being able to find and express myself.

If you are scared at taking a risk, DONT BE!

Learn to manage your risk! You shape your life through your thoughts. You can’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning!

Most people want to play it safe and feel secure. So passion does not direct them. Fear does.
Go out there and WIN!

RichMindset =RichOutcome "