N'hance™ Pro Barber Kit I

$ 34.95

N'hance™ Pro Barber Kit I

$ 34.95

Style Enhancing Kit

A Barber’s Essentials

     1 - 25g. Hair Fiber Bottle

     1 - Applicator Pump

     1 - Application Card


Detail your style for a quick, clean look - with the Pro Barber Kit I. 

A beginner’s essentials kit for barbers and groomers; including a 3-month supply of Hair Fibers, an applicator pump and an application card. Our Hair Fibers was professionally formulated to look like natural hair while quickly bonding to it. Use the applicator pump and application card for absolute precision. Just 3 Steps to Sleek, that’s the power of an idea. ®

+ Style Enhancing Kit, the barber’s essentials to style, enhance and touch-up

+ Natural Application, fibers bond to hair for a natural looking appearance

+ For beginners, designed for immediate use and quick application