Flash Comb™

$ 19.95

Flash Comb™

$ 19.95

Designed to detail with accuracy. 

A Light Precision Tool, shine your brightest. 


+ Reversible Water-Proof Design

+ LED Light

+ Designed for Travel 

Lighting is everything.  


Step your game up and add a light touch to your hair-cutting arsenal. A water-proof comb with a detachable LED light pack that provides direct light to detail, fade, and perfect your work. A flash of light in the palm of your hand, that’s the power of an idea.®

Rich Barber Tip: Only use the light when needed.

  •   For Left/Right Handed Users 
  •   300-500 haircuts in a barbershop or salon
  •   150-300 haircuts in a house or hotel


Patent No: US 9,913,520 B1