You're Not Committing To This & Its $$$$

Let me tell you the secret to keeping your clients: create a feeling they can't get anywhere else 

We have been talking about being appointment only since the beginning, but how do you keep clients from leaving you? 

You bless them, and do a few key detailed things so you create abundance and overflow in your barber business. 

First, build your customers confidence; often your customers tell you what they need, pay attention to how they say their day was going or remember that the last time you saw them they were looking for a new job.

Ask them questions, get to know what is going on in their life and be genuinely interested in what's going on. & If you get the chance to help or encourage them take that opportunity. 

Second, Nhance their experience; from your greeting when they walk-in to the picture they take on their insta-story - BLESS THEM

The whole service you're treating them like royalty so after you bar the cut (line ups crispy, blend is perfect) make sure you magnify it with Nhance so you give them that irreplaceable feeling. 

Third, everyone of your clients should leave you feeling like they can take on the world. 

So don’t be afraid to compliment your customers!

For Example: Say your client is trying a new hairstyle and without them saying it you can sense that they’re nervous about their new look.

Give them your honest opinion and if you like it tell them: “This style looks good on you" 

Your compliment will give them that extra pep in their step so they can shine, and trust me when they ready to glow again - they will make an appointment to sit in your chair. 

The words of encouragement go a long way!

Any chance you have to let your customer know you care - TAKE IT!

Paying attention to their ego's needs is currency in our business 

When my clients come to see Chuka The Barber they know they’re coming to up their frequency because its nothing but high vibrations in The Rich Barber Hair Studio. 

Layer your Experience:  

Give the dopest hair cut 
Be and stay positive  
Motivate them when you can  
Give your clients compliments 
Go the extra mile 
and what ever you charge they will pay....

When you’re able to put those things in your service you will have a crazy demand in your barber business that will ensure that you have no time for walk-ins. 

Do you think you're up for the challenge? Let me know in the comments below 


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