Need Inspiration? A RE-UP ?

If you're wondering what to do before The Rich Barber Method drops October 2018, I put together some valuable resources you can use to get started. 

1.The Rich Barber Tv- We have over 40 videos of good game and knowledge to help elevate your barber career. The Secret To Becoming a 6 Figure Barber, is a 15 min guide telling you exactly what it takes to make the amount of money you want in this industry. 

2. The Rich Barber Mixtape- If you haven't stepped up your cuts with these free step-by-step tutorials here's the link.We bring on the best barbers executing the dopest cuts for you to learn from monthly. We drop 4 soonso stay tuned .

3. #AskChuka - Remember when you guys got to ask me anything and I emailed you back? Some of those responses had game that I had to share. Usually the game is sold, but here we're about you winning first, so we gave it free. Clickhereto watch 

Hope this brings you value, 
-Chuka The Barber