* My Starting Five *

These 5 products are my go-to’s: when I want to perform at my peak and make money. I’m simple when it comes to my station. & I like to keep the harmony! so if I’m working with Andis (which I am) then I keep it all Andis. Throwing a Wahl shaver or trimmer in there when I am using the Masters just feels wrong lol. 


  1. Andis Masters these are a machine and they allow me to perform all day no problems 
  2. Cordless T- Outliners I started my career with the originals, but when these dropped I had to go cordless. I modified the blade with the 1 Min Blade Modifier to get the maximum performance. 
  3. Fade Masters  with the fade blade makes sure I can get the perfect blend on a fade and shape an afro nice and tight. 
  4. Andis Slimline Pro-Li these allow you to get into tight spaces with the smaller blade. I love the deep-tooth blade modified with the 1 min blade modifier, because I can cut textured hair and do detailed clipper over comb work. 
  5. Andis Shaver like I said I gotta keep the harmony so because I am working with Andis I stick with Andis. 

- Chuka The Barber 

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