How To Close A Client


I think sometimes we can forget about the little things that make our customers stay in our chair.

We get busy, tired, robotic and it causes us to loose clients we could have closed. 

Personality, your cut, and the experience you give will all get better over time. But in order to close a client you need to be following these commandments closely.  

TRBC #1 Be The Best Barber In Your City 

I can't stress this enough - master your craft. 

Make sure every head you cut makes you proud. This means no dark spots, clean blends, and sharp lines every time. Your clients need to be walking ad's for your business.

TRBC #5 Greet Clients By Name and With A Smile 

Whether they're booking online or a walk-in, learn their name and use it generously. People love their names, and when you use it they feel more connected to you. 

This is the start of a new relationship, and you want to build it so strong, that it would be hard for them to leave you.

People buy from people they like. Period. If you can build a rapport, your customer will feel safer, trust you more and be more inclined to do business with you.

So learn their names and add a smile 😄   

TRBC #4 Maintain A Positive Mental Attitude and Conversation 

Be good energy and listen more! This is key to closing more clients.

Get to know your clients individually: What do they do for a living, What do they do for fun? How was their day? Or maybe they don't feel like talking at all. 

Listen twice as much as you talk, feel them out and see what they want in their service. 

I believe in you, close some clients. 

- Chuka The Barber 

How To Close A Client