Hair is to a barber what stone is to a sculptor. In order to achieve your vision, you need the right tools and materials to make it happen. As a barber, my profession means more than haircuts. It means being a resource my clients can turn to for advice about their hair, style, and products.
Two of the main questions my clients ask me are: “How do I support my hair’s overall health?” and “How do I slow down my hair loss?” In order to give your hair the nourishment it needs, you need to know which ingredients will help it and which ingredients will hurt it
DHT, which stands for dihydrotestosterone, is your hair’s natural enemy. It’s a male sex hormone found in both men and women that’s derived from, but much stronger than, testosterone. Testosterone and DHT are both androgens, which are hormones that contribute to male sex characteristics during puberty.
What is DHT? Normal Hormonal Levels Versus Too Much Testosterone As we age, high levels of androgens (like DHT) link to receptors on hair follicles in our scalps, causing hair follicles to shrink and hair to look thinner. While DHT helps us retain our muscle mass and deep voices, it also works to take away one of the key components of our masculinity: our hair. That’s why our DHT-blocking formula fuses the world’s best natural ingredients to slow hair loss, stimulate hair growth, and prevent acne at the hairline.
Designed With Texturized Hair in Mind When I designed the Pro Rich Collection: Shampoo + Conditioner, I did it with my clients in mind. I wanted to provide a one-and-done solution to dull, dry hair, itchy, flaky scalp, thinning hair, and receding hairlines. I knew I had to get to the root of the problem (and the roots of the scalp) to find the answer.
The Solution: Pro Rich Men's DHT Blocking Shampoo and Conditioner Set The Pro Rich Collection: Shampoo + Conditioner is specifically formulated for natural, texturized hair with holistic ingredients to clean, hydrate, and soothe hair without stripping its natural oils. Our advanced DHT-blocking formula combines the world’s best natural ingredients to slow hair loss, stimulate hair growth, and prevent acne at the hairline while boosting natural oils to keep your spirals, kinks, curls, coils, zig-zags, and loops on lock. Better Ingredients = Shorter Shelf-Life Each ingredient in our formula is carefully selected for its natural hair-healing properties. Quality ingredients mean shorter shelf-life. If your shampoo and conditioner can sit on a shelf at Walmart for a year, they’re not going to do your hair any favors.
Peppermint Oil: Increases blood circulation to follicles that helps stimulate hair growth, follicle depth and the number of follicles  Jojoba Seed Oil: Rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish the scalp and strengthen the hair. Also promotes hair thickness. Aloe Juice: Repairs dead skin cells on the scalp, while leaving hair smooth and shiny. Castor Seed Oil: Enriches the scalp with omega-6 fatty acids, that promotes hair growth and enhances the health of your hair. So what’s in it and what does it do? Saw Palmetto blocks 5-Alpha Reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. Tea Tree unclogs and increases oxygen and nutrient supply to hair follicles while treating and protecting the scalp from infections. Coconut Oil moisturizes texturized hair, adding shine, luster, and softness while preventing breakage and Castor Seed Oil enriches the scalp with omega-6 fatty acids to promote hair growth and enhance hair health. 
Most shampoos include DMDM hydantoin or imidazolidinyl urea, two common preservatives that prevent fungal and bacterial spoilage by releasing formaldehyde to kill germs. The Pro Rich Collection: Shampoo + Conditioner are 100% FREE of that nasty stuff, and use absolutely ZERO parabens or sulfates. Because our ingredients are REAL and NATURAL, our formulas have a 24-month shelf-life. We protect them in classic amber glass bottles that not only maintain formula longevity, but also look damn sexy next to your shower.
Everyday Dapper
Knowing that your hair looks, feels, and smells amazing allows you to feel confident no matter the situation. We designed our Shampoo + Conditioner with an angular pump to activate their Oud Wood fragrance while freeing up hands and avoiding slippery bottles.
Fresh, masculine, and alluring, the fragrance lasts all day from the office to the gym to home, outlasting even your toughest work out while slowing hair loss, stimulating hair growth, and preventing acne at the hairline. Luxurious Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil activate into a rich, creamy lather that deeply nourishes and hydrates hair from follicle to shaft.
For busy men on the go, our Pro Rich Conditioner can be used as a hair mask for long-lasting hydration. Simply leave it in your hair for 2 minutes and you have a way to boost hair health while you toast your morning bagel.

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