Common Rookie Mistakes For Barbers Gaining Clients

One of the questions I get often is 'how do I get more clients' in my chair? In this guide, I outline some common mistakes barbers make attempting to gain clients. 


You're Still Passing Out Business's Cards: I passed out business cards one time and realized I was begging for clientele. Your haircuts need to speak for you! I was booked weeks out even before instagram exsited. Social Media is the wave and Instagram is the barber's platform- use it!

Your Instagram Dosen't Attract: Your name's not easy to remember with a bunch of underscores, and your avatar doesn't attract. Your bio isn't customer friendly and you have 3 photo's of your haircuts. I have some instagram's Do's and Don'ts you can find here 

You're Making Editing Difficult: Shoot and edit your haircuts right from the instagram app and keep working smarter. 

You Don't Make The Haircut Pop: N'hancements are an asset, it makes the client want to be seen. This makes them a walking advertisement for your business - don't sleep on this. You can buy here.

You're Giving Deals: I never understood why barbers would have buy 5 haircuts and get one free. This isn't Starbucks, you don't want deal hunting clients in your chair. They're bad for your business and your environment. 

You're Begging Potential Customers: Instead of having them find you... you post "two spots open" or book with me now in each of your posts online. People want to be associated with success not lack. Customers know you're a barber, make sure your booking system is visible & show them what you've got. 


Hope this brings you value and more clientele. 

- Chuka The Barber 


Common Rookie Mistakes For Barbers Gaining Clients