Are You A Barber?

Are you a Barber or are you playing? I see far too many Barbers moving on before they really filled the barber space. & I hope this isn't you.. 

I get questions all the time "What advice can you give me to grow as a barber?" 

The best advice I could give is to continue to grow and master your current position. God is in the details, the secret is in the details!

The more you get in tune with your work and yourself and really pay attention to all aspects of the craft- the more you'll grow. 

I invented 3 products in the industry, but that's only because I filled the space as a barber. Above you're looking at me straight out of barber college. Dedicated to the craft of cutting hair.. I wasn't thinking about nothing else! 

I got in the shop and after 3 months I was booked! This is before instagram, because I could cut, give a great experience and greeted my customers with positivity. 

I want your world to get bigger, but that won't happen if you're still trying to get clientele. I created The Rich Barber 10 commandments so that you'd have a guide to success and its completely free. 

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Are You A Barber?