A Worthy Ideal

I like how the late Earl Nightingale spoke of success; not as an goal unreachable but a latter to something attainable. This is what I call ‘Latter Success’ meaning the effect of habits, conditioning and mindset that creates the person you are today and contributes to the person you want to be tomorrow.

When I think of The Flash Comb I reflect on the late Earl Nightingale, who said: “ Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. If a man is working towards a predetermined goal and knows where he’s going- that man is a success.”

This prophesied ideal is what I call ‘latter success’ visualizing the effects first: every haircut coming out the shop FRESH AF. Got me thinking how barbers could be more successful in the industry.

That cause or want, is the effect of me inventing The Flash Comb. While working in Barbershops I realized that there hasn’t always been sufficient light to cut. I tried changing light bulbs, adding lights or even getting the “best chair in the shop”. But, it still seemed like I needed more light to do my best work.

As barbers we are all trying to find the best light, to produce the best cut. So the blending, fading and tapering of the fade depends on being able to see it. Even in some of the best lit barbershops I've needed more light to check my work.

If haircuts are going to always have that attention to detail that every barber wants and client desires supplying your own light is key.

So, The Flash Comb is plug: it's light weight (reversible for both left and right handed barbers) and because the light pack is detachable the comb is easy to sanitize.  

- ChukaTheBarber 



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