8 Answers You Should Have Before Choosing A Barbershop

I get a lot of questions about finding the right barbershop. To me, it really comes down to finding your perfect match. Here's 8 questions you should find out to help get you started... 

1. Are they commission or booth rent? 

2. What are the shop's hours? Do I have 24 hour access or nah? 

3. How long do the barbers usually stay around? (For this I would ask questions that could lead you to the answer like: Do they get so much game that they move on? Or is it stifling environment so they can't stay?) 

4. What's the owners style? Their personality, how they manage. 

5. What are the barbers like? Spend a day in the shop and find out. 

6. Will I grow in this environment? 

7. What do they gain by joining the team and what can I bring to the team? 

8. How is the shop managed? Is their a shop manager or are we all all responsible for cleaning,closing, refilling towels at some point? 

Remember their are no right or wrong barbershops.Its all about picking the right fit for you. 

Hope this brings you value!

- Chuka 

8 Answers You Should Have Before Choosing A Barbershop