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Sharper Tools,
         Sharper Precision

Barber innovation that transforms your blade, in seconds..

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Stopping point indicator
Blade exactness
Diamond cutting precision
Dull matte satin finish

Designed in California, ergonomic
design for simplified self-care

Made to elevate your grooming game
60 seconds to crisper lines, fresher fades
and cleaner shaves

That's the power of an idea™

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60 Seconds
To Grooming

Step into position and take control; get sharper lines, closer shaves and fresher fades, in less than a minute. It's time to step your self-care game up.

Patent No: 10,556,324 B1.

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Before using 1 Min Blade Modifier
After using 1 Min Blade Modifier
Blade detail

How it works

Specifically designed to modify your blades, easily and effectively.

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Cut in progress

The results

The only way to get crisper lines and smoother fades is a consistently sharp blade.

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Sharpening a blade

Innovative tech

Run your blade back and forth in the modifier, for 1 to 2 minutes for instant modification.

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08 Sep 2020

Lucian A.

Love this product makes you're blades more sharper and your really get a close cut with the one min blade modifier I'm so happy with this product... Good lookin out !!!!!The Rich Barber!!!

07 May 2020

Derrick F.

Man it works perfectly

06 Aug 2020

Bobby O.

It greatly boosted the sharpness of my blades on all of my clippers!! So thankful

24 Feb 2020

Andre W.

LOVE IT! Saves me time and money. I hope you make billions of dollars with this project, I'm referring this product to all my friends and family. Thankx.

04 Feb 2020

Clyde G.

It was a great invention thank you

02 Apr 2020

Jesse J.

It makes my trimmers much easier to shave my beard

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