My Barber Life

DIRECTIONS: What is it in your barber career that you want more than anything else? This must be a single goal and one that gets you excited about working towards it everyday. Answer the following questions to get your desired outcomes this year...

1. What do you desire most in your barber career right now? Is it more money? Do you want to own your own shop? Have a product you just can’t wait to bring to market? Write it down 👇🏽

2. What are you going to give in return for your Barber Career Goal? There is no such thing as something for nothing. Whatever you desire you have to be worth it. You can’t ask for $40 a cut and give a $20 service, it’s all about value. Write down exactly how you’ll be worth it 👇🏽

3. How are you going to stay motivated throughout the year? Everyday you have to stay motivated and inspired or its easy to get away from your goal. This could be creating a barber mastermind group and/or making your vision board. Whatever keeps you hyped for success, write it down 👇🏽

4. Now write it out in 1 statement starting with the words “I believe I will”

Along with your statement is a 5 step Self Confidence Formula we adopted from Napoleon Hill. If you are serious about gaining your desire you must recite your statement with the 5 steps every morning and evening.

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Much Love & Success,