Add on's

Add on's

  • 1 Minute Blade Modifier®

    The Rich Barber's 1 Min. Blade Modifier® is the FIRST and ONLY trimmer blade sharpener on the market (Patent # US 10,556,324 B1). 

    In only 60 seconds, the Blade Modifier® will sharpen your blade by up to 70% for:

    • Crisper Hair Lines
    • Fresher Fades
    • Cleaner Shaves
    • Reduce Ingrown Hairs
    • Minimize Razor Bumps 

    Designed by celebrity barber, Chuka "Chuka The Barber" Torres, The Rich Barber's 1 Min. Blade Modifier® is a professional barber's and grooming enthusiast's dream. Maximize the lifespan of your trimmer blades and enhance your cuts without over-sharpening your trimmer blades.

    The Rich Barber's 1 Min. Blade Modifier® is compatible with all major blade brands, including: Andis, Wahl, Oster, BaBylissPRO trimmer blades.

    Step into position and take control - start giving sharper lines, closer shaves and fresher fades. Reduce the number of razor bumps and ingrown hairs with a properly sharpened modified blade. It's time to step up your grooming game.

    A 1 minute grooming solution - that's the power of an idea. 

    Buy The Rich Barber's 1 Min. Blade Modifier® today then watch Chuka The Barber’s how-to video here.

    $34.95 $39.95
  • N'Hance™ Pro Barber Kit I - 3-in-1 Hair Building Fibers & Application Set

    Detail your style for a quick, clean look - with the Pro Barber Kit I.

    A beginner’s essentials kit for barbers and groomers; including a 3-month supply of Hair Fibers, an applicator pump, and an application card. Our Hair Fibers were professionally formulated to look like natural hair while quickly bonding to it. Use the applicator pump and application card for absolute precision. Just 3 Steps to Sleek, that’s the power of an idea®.

    + Style Enhancing Kit, the barber’s essentials to style, enhance, and touch-up

    + Natural Application, fibers bond to hair for a natural-looking appearance

    + For beginners, designed for immediate use and quick application

    This barber and grooming enthusiast's style enhancing kit includes:

         One (1) - Hair Fiber Bottle, 25 grams

         One (1) - Applicator Pump

         One (1) - Application Card

  • N'hance™ Pro Barber Kit II - 4-in-1 Hair Building Fibers, Hold Spray & Application Set

    Conceal hair loss or enhance hairlines for a fuller, sharper look.

    A complete 4-in-1 kit with everything you need to conceal hair loss or enhance your cut. Professionally-formulated, the N'Hance Hair Fibers is keratin-infused that bonds to natural hair for an undetectable finish. The Stylizing Hold Spray was designed to assist with long-lasting, all-day hold of hair fibers. Use the Applicator Pump and Application Card for even distribution of hair fibers and absolute precision around the hairline. The N'Hance Pro Kit 2 is the only all-in-one kit with the level of quality fit for a pro barber, yet easy enough for personal use.

    + Enhance your hairline or conceal hair loss

    + Keratin-infused hair fibers bond to hair for a natural-looking appearance

    + Lightweight hold spray locks hair fibers for 24-hour wear

    + 3-month supply with daily use

    + Fit for both pro barber or personal use

    N'HANCE PRO KIT II includes:

    • One (1) - N'Hance Hair Building Fibers, 25 grams
    • One (1) - Stylizing Hold Spray, 5 ounces
    • One (1) - Applicator Pump
    • One (1) - Application Card
  • Pro Barber Tools Set: Blade Modifier™ + Blade Setter™

    Professionally Designed
    A MODIFICATION Set. The all essentials barber tools that keep your tools hittin’ sharp and in shape.

    Set Includes: a 1 MIN Blade Modifier™ and a On the Money Blade Setter™ 

    + Customizable Blades

    + Never Over Sharpens

    + Zero-Gap and Quick Alignment

    Ideas that become Game Changers. Designed by our CEO.

    Modify your blades in under a minute and perfectly align them (with zero-gap) seconds. Modified trimmer blades will help reduce the number of razor bumps and ingrown hairs, while properly aligned blades will provide a clean, close cut. You’re just 70 seconds away from sharper lines, closer shaves and fresher shaves. Professional tools for professional work, that’s the power of an idea. ®

    The first Blade Modifier and handheld Blade Setter ever on the market, patent pending designs.

    Blade Setter Patent No: US D785249 S

    Compatible with all major blade brands.

    Black: Andis T Outliner and Outliner II 

    White: Andis Slimline Pro 

    Blue: Andis Styliner II 

    Yellow: GTX Deeptooth Blades by Andis

    • ON THE MONEY 10 Second Blade Setter™

      Elevate your game with sharper lines, cleaner fades, and sleeker shaves. Aligning your blades provides closer cuts and diminishes the possibility of the blades biting or cutting the skin. You’re just 10 seconds to barber glory - that’s the power of an idea.®

      A perfect adjustment in only 10 seconds:

      + Zero Gap

      + Precise Line-ups

      + Quick Alignment


      The first quick handheld blade setter ever on the market, a patented design. 

      Blade Setter Patent No: US D785249 S

      Compatible with specific trimmers of all major blade brands.


      BLACK: Compatible with Andis®  T Outliner and Outliner 2

      WHITE: Compatible with Andis®  Slimline Pro

      BLUE: Compatible with Andis® Styliner II and M3 Blades

      GOLD: Compatible with GTX Deeptooth Blades by Andis® 

      Andis® is a registered trademark of Andis Company



    • N'Hance™ Hair Building Fibers, 25 Grams

      Fill in the missing details.

      Designed to create a fuller, sharper appearance. The N’Hance Hair Fibers creates the illusion of natural looking hair, for both the head and beard. Professionally formulated for all day wear. Looking so good you’ll think it’s real, that’s the power of an idea. ®

      Use with N’Hance Hold Spray for long-lasting effects.

      Professional Formula

      Keratin Infused Hair Fibers that fill in the missing details.

      For style enhancing, formulated for all day wear.

      + Long-Lasting Hold

      + Fibers that create natural looking hair

      + Bonds to Natural Hair

    • FlashComb™

      Designed to detail with accuracy. 

      A Light Precision Tool, shine your brightest. 
      + Reversible Water-Proof Design

      + LED Light

      + Designed for Travel 

      Lighting is everything.  

      Step your game up and add a light touch to your hair-cutting arsenal. A water-proof comb with a detachable LED light pack that provides direct light to detail, fade, and perfect your work. A flash of light in the palm of your hand, that’s the power of an idea.®

      Rich Barber Tip: Only use the light when needed.

      •   For Left/Right Handed Users 
      •   300-500 haircuts in a barbershop or salon
      •   150-300 haircuts in a house or hotel

       Patent No: US 9,913,520 B1 

    • N'Hance™ Style Hold Spray, 5 oz.

      Professional Formula
      Style Hold Spray that holds your hair fibers in place. Strong adhesion, formulated for all day wear.

      + Binds & holds fibers to hair

      + Easy to apply

      + Naturally conditions hairs and fibers

      The first step to longevity is keeping everything in place. 

      N’Hance™ Fiber Hold Spray is specially formulated, for long-lasting all day wear. Use to bind and hold N’Hance™ Hair Fibers directly onto natural hair or use as a lining spritz to achieve a more defined hairline. A hair impression that never loses its grip, that’s the power of an idea.®

      $24.95 $29.95
    • N’Hance™ Application Cards, 5 Pack

      Complex work, orchestrated by simplicity.
      Professionally Designed Flexible tool that assists to a crisper, sharper hairline. 

      Shapes in precise detail. Use with The Pro Barber Kit I or II.

      + Pack of 5

      + Flexible yet firm

      + Creates Precision 

         (straighter lines, controls fiber application)


      Line up that beard and hairline with exactness in seconds.

      Using an application card will create sharper and cleaner lines when applying the N’Hance™ Hair Fibers or Styling Spray. Use with the pump applicator for unstoppable precision. Simple grooming tools that work like fire, that’s the power of an idea. ®

    • Straight Edge Razor Holder, Black

      Professionally Designed For closer shaves and detailed precision.
      + Push Style

      + Superior Craftsmanship

      + For single edge razor blades

      Great work, is all in the details. 

      Push your blade up and get to work. Experience perfection with a single edge razor that shaves and details with rigor. Sophisticated grooming solutions that finishes in seconds, that’s the power of an idea. ®
    • Pro Rich Men's Beard Oil, 1 oz.

      A nutrient-rich formula that helps enhance and strengthen the beard and 'stache. For all hair types.

      The first step to feeling rich is by stepping your self-care game up. Made with innovative ingredients that assists in preventing breakage and may promote the growth of healthy, rich hair.

      Argan Oil: Moisturizes your skin while helping protect your beard from everyday damage.

      Sweet Almond Oil: Contains properties that may stimulate beard growth, eliminate dandruff, and reduce skin inflammation.

      Seed Oil:  Adds moisture and shine to your skin and beard while strengthening fragile hair strands for a healthier, thicker beard. 

      Jojoba Oil: Rich in vitamins and minerals that may nourish the beard and strengthen the hair.

      Castor Oil: Aids beard growth by promoting healthy circulation for follicle growth.

      Designed to transform your every day - that's the power of an idea.

      $21.95 $24.95
    • The Rich Barber Method: How To Attract Clients, Keep Them, and Charge More

      What I’ve discovered is that there is a solid foundation that every barber must set up for themselves if they really want to be in control of there career, be able to enjoy it and make the money they desire. I’ve created a easy to follow method that has been proven to work. I've witness its work for not only myself but also by the barbers in my barbershop. So I know it will work for you.

      In this book I share it all in such a way that any barber can apply the principles to their business and win. In my 10 years of barbering I've come to realize that there are specific things that a barber must do to make more money. 

      The first thing you must do is master specific aspects of the craft.

      Then you must keep your clients coming back and raving about you. Without you asking them to do it.

      Then you must promote your mastery.

      Then you need to increase your prices.  Make more money!

      Then you need to do it again, and again, and AGAIN.

      If you learn this system you will never have to hunt for clients, customers will be hunting you down. You will never have to try to convince someone to get a haircut by you they will convince themselves. You will be sought after and customers will want to be serviced by you specifically. They will continue to come faithfully. You will have an influence.  You will be known as the #1 barber to go to. You will have constant overflow of customers and you can potentially make 6 figures per year.

      If you don’t learn this system, you won’t ever be able to scale your barber business. People will not want to get cut or serviced by you and ultimately they will reject you. You will have to always try to convince and beg people to sit in your chair. You will have to say things like “go tell someone about me.” You will have to bribe people with discounts and deals. You will be looked at as the barber that just can’t get right and is desperate for business. People just won't care about you or your service. Your clientele flow will stay low or your demand will stay stagnant, ultimately limiting you income. And at the rate that this industry is growing you will be left so far behind that you will quickly become irrelevant.

      Then you will look back years from now to only realize that you left 10's of thousands of dollars on the table year after year simply because you didn't have the right approach and strategy for your career.

       So think about it. What if you could set things up in a way that you are constantly attracting new clients, who fit your business style, who rave about you, and are willing to pay you whatever you ask for your services? Could you not see how you will never lack business in your careers, and it will be enjoyable. But you need a proven effective method and strategy, because this will not magically happen on its own. 

      The Rich Barber Method is your roadmap to attracting clients, keeping them, and charging more. The barber life is so much better when you're in demand, making money and winning. TRUST ME! - Chuka The Barber 


    • N'hance™ Application Pump

      Professionally Designed
      The at-home airbrush grooming tool designed for swift application. 

      Use with N’Hance™ Hair Fibers.

      + Easy to use

      + Precise placement

      + Straight lines

       What comes naturally, is the most natural beauty of all.

      Designed to create a natural looking application. Fill in patches and bald spots or create sharper lines and fuller fades. Precision is key to a sharper appearance, use the applicator pump to apply N’Hance Hair Fibers for fuller, thicker looking hair. Enhancement for both your style and mind, that’s the power of an idea. ®

    • 360 Styling Barber Cape

      Professional Design Drape and cut, designed to cover the client and keep them fresh.
      + Lightweight Design

      + Water-Resistant Material

      + Universal Fit and Coverage


      A coverage that keeps it crisp and clean.

      Never let a single hair get on your clients threads with the 360 Styling Cape. Designed to fit all neck sizes and to provide full coverage against water, hair or debris. Keep your client dry and clean as you do your thing. Non-stop protection that keeps them fresh, that’s the power of an idea. ® 

    • Disinfecting Hand Sanitizer, 1.75 oz.

      For everyday use. Designed for the Jetsetter. Long-lasting coverage with a lightweight formula. Disinfects with alcohol, moisturizers with castor oil. Kills more than 99.9% of germs.

      Full protection coverage, that keeps you crisp and clean; that’s the power of an idea.

      + Replenishing Omega-6 fatty acids

      + Enriched with Vitamin E

      Directions: Rub onto skin, allowing 3 minutes for full absorption.

      Ingredients: Glycerin, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylic Crosspolymer, Triethanolamine, Alcohol, Peg-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Fragrance.


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